2º -  Inglés 

Life events

In Unit 2, you are going to revise The Past Simple Tense of the regular verbs, and also, you are going to learn The Past Simple Tense of the irregular verbs. This way, you can talk about what happened some time ago, last month or yesterday ...

      FROM PRESENT.......
     .......TO PAST
The vocabulary of the unit is about natural and man-made disasters. Also, you will revise how to express the dates.
When you have finished, you will be able to do the tasks of the unit.
Schools of the Air

Mr. Wilt is a school teacher in Perth, a remote part of Australia. He only has 8 students. Some of them live 50 miles away. Wilt is a very energetic person and is organizing a school operated by radio for children who live too far. In  Australia  they call these schools "Schools of the Air". You can visit Mr. Wilt's project in this website.