2º -  Inglés 
In our last unit, unit 6, we are travelling to THE FUTURE
We will learn vocabulary and expressions related to Travel. You already know the different means of transport in English, but now you will complete this vocabulary with new words and phrases. We will visit an airport, a station or a travel agency. And it will be very useful to learn how to buy a ticket or make a reservation in a hotel.
In this unit, you will also learn how to talk about the future in different ways, using different tenses: Future SimpleGoing To Form and how to use the Present Continuous for the future.
When you finish, you will be able to do the tasks of the unit.
World predictions

The Mayans were clearly  people interested in apocalypse and prophecy and their predictions have always been a topic of discussion and controversy. Some predict that next year will see the end of the world because the Mayan Calendar stops on the date 21st December of next year, which many believe is significant because this assumes that there will be no world after this date.
Do you believe in future predictions?